Евро-2012 Pro

Евро-2012 Pro
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Дата: 30 Апрель 2012
Разработчик: ITnext
Размер: 9.20 MB
Версия: 3.2.1
Тип: iPhone / iPod Touch


The most populair Euro 2012 app.

The most popular and complete Euro 20a12 app with extensive clear information and LIVE results.
The app is constantly renewed and updated!

The app contains:
• The playing schedule.
• Results.
• Lineups.
• Goals.
• Group results.
• City and stadium information.
• Yellow and red cards.
• Qualifying games.
• Push notifications of goals!
• The Euro Pool: Predict the games, earn points, play against your friends and become Nr.1 of Europe.
• Add games to your calendar!
• Highly detailed player information! (Photos, club, age, goals, etc.)
• No advertisements!

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